Jerusalem Attractions

The First Station

An outdoor mall located on the site of the Old Train Station in Jerusalem. Using the original train station buildings, the new “First Station” is a vibrant place to eat, play and have fun. Many of Jerusalem’s festivals and events are hosted at the First Station and it is also a beginning of a great walking/bike path.

The Old City

The Old City offers an intimate introduction to Jerusalem and the three major religions. Among the rather small area of the four quarters, you can find archeological items, art galleries and crowded markets full of goods.

Shuk Mahane Yehuda

Israel's most famous market, which constantly reinvents. Mahane Yehuda serves as a market by day and aa a vibrant entertainment complex by night, while maintaining its most important quality:
authenticity. For this reason this market has become one of Jerusalems symbols.

The Old City Train

a new tourist venture in the Old City of Jerusalem - A driving tour accompanied vocal guidance. The tour includes a passage to the Armenian and Jewish Quarters and the Western Wall. During the tour you will enjoy the views of Jerusalem and the City of David, while listening to vocal guidance In 8 different languages.

The Bloomfield Science Museum

The museum presents alternating exhibitions of science and technology. All exhibitions are interactive, inviting visitors not only to view the but to touch and activate them. The museum hosts events for the general public , the academy and from 1998 runs the competition for young scientists and developers.

“King Solomon`s mines” Escape Room

Imagine you are an archaeologist in the quest after treasure; You have discovered the entrance to King Solomon's mines now you have only 60 minutes to obtain all the treasures. King Solomon mine's Escape Room is suitable for the whole family ,and can be combined with another escape room.

Time Elevator Jerusalem

The Time Elevator will take you on a historical journey of 3,000 years, as it tells the story of the holiest city in the world, using an innovative multimedia show. Go on a time quest with Haim Topol (“Fiddler on the Roof”) and get to know Zedekiah, Jeremiah and others.

Sagway Tours

An incredible attraction, combining innovative craft riding through the city's magical landscapes. A hovering experience on the city streets facing the nostalgic and breathtaking views of Jerusalem, with engaging guidance. A wide range of Segway tours avilable at various sites in the city.