Tel Aviv Attractions

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The urban museum, founded in 1932, founded by Meir Dizengoff, is one of the leading art and cultural institutions in Israel.
The museum has a permanent collection and changing exhibitions devoted to all forms of art, along with a variety of programs and activities for all, including:
concerts, courses, lectures, tutorials, workshops and more.

The Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv

One of the three largest museums in Israel.
A multidisciplinary museum which displays Israeli culture.
The museum exhibits permanent and changing exhibitions in addition to symposiums, lectures and cultural events.
At the heart of the museum stands an archeological mount alongside to ancient sites, a planetarium, lecture halls, a cafe -restaurant and a gift-shop.

The Arts and Crafts Fair in Nahalat Binyamin

The fair that takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays, brings together under one roof original works of art, that aren’t off a mass production line; souvenirs, gifts, toys, pictures and more - all, made by talented young artists.
Here you will find all the “unimportant” things that make life interesting, in the most picturesque and beautiful pedestrian mall in Israel.

Bezalel Market

A bargain market located near the Shuk ha’Carmel, that mainly includes clothing booths, footwear and home appliances.
The market is famous for wide range of textiles where luxury brands can occasionally be found at low prices or budget prices.

Ha’Carmel Market

One of Tel Aviv's most famous markets.
There you will find a wide variety of products, foods and spices.
However, the Carmel market is not just a place to purchase cheap products - it is a center of attraction for foodies, known for its excellent restaurants, innovative food stands and multinational diversity.

Ha’Namal Market

A gastronomic hub which offers a wide collection of high-quality raw materials, from both Israeli and international produce.
The market offers fresh meat, fresh seafood, boutique cheeses, handmade sausages, spices and more.

Dizengoff Center

A direct continuation of the fashionable Dizengoff Street.
It's known for its combination of central location in the heart of the city, its unique urban structure and its variety of shops.
Alongside to well-known brand stores you can find young boutiques stores of young talented designers.

Tel Aviv Port

The first Hebrew port in the “first Hebrew city” is located on the Yarkon Peninsula, in the northwest corner of Tel Aviv. ,br> The port officially opened on February 23, 1938, and is now one of the most spectacular places in Israel. It has dozens of attractions, restaurants and entertainment places, among them: the famous "Shalva" club, Benny Hadayag restaurant, the food market and more.

Dizengoff Street

One of the main avenues in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, named after Meir Dizengoff, the first mayor of Tel Aviv.
Dizengoff Street is famous for its cafes, bars and shops.
Its located near the Cameri Theater, the Tzavta Club, Dizengoff Center and more.
The public bus line 5 will quickly get you to every spot on the street and its surroundings.